International adoptions have declined by 81%.

There is an adoption crisis happening right now.  Delilah, the queen of sappy love songs, has adopted 10 children internationally and she would not be able to adopt now because of new regulations that were

Nathan Gwilliam - the owner of and others - is committed to doing something about it. Nathan has committed his LIFE to this cause.

Adoption PREVENTS child sex trafficking. 


  1. International adoptions have declined by 81%, from about 23,000 international adoptions in 2004 through the forecast numbers of 4,200 international adoptions in 2018. If this trend line continues international adoption in America may end by 2022. Please see the graph below showing the adoption decline trend.
    Adoption leaders have identified 15 solutions to solve the U.S. international adoption crisis. We've created a White House petition and are trying to get a meeting with President Trump to discuss these solutions. 
  3. Adoption should be less complex and less expensive. A Dave Thomas Foundation survey showed that 85 million Americans have considered adoption. 2 of the biggest reasons why people don't complete an adoption are the cost and the complexity. The issue here is not a shortage of loving families. The issue is that we need to help adoptions be less expensive and less complex so more of these families can adopt. 
  4. Every child (foster children in the U.S. and international orphans) need a loving, permanent family. 
  5. Adoption prevents child trafficking. One Russian study of 15,000 children who had aged out of orphanages showed that within 2 years, about 50% of the girls had been forced into prostitution. If we want to prevent child trafficking we need to help more orphans be adopted. 
  6. Here's a great article from the Federalist a couple weeks ago explaining the reasons behind the U.S. international adoption crisis:
  7. Here's an article  detailing the 15 solutions we believe would solve this international adoption crisis:

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Nathan Gwilliam is the Founder and CEO of, along with more than 30 other websites related to adoption. As a college student, Nathan spent about two years as a missionary in Brazil. Nathan fell in love with the street children of Brazil and vowed to do something to make a lasting difference in their lives when he returned. So, Nathan created a thesis on how to use the Internet to help children through adoption. That thesis won multiple business plan competitions, and was born. As CEO, Nathan grew to become the world's most-used adoption site.

Nathan grew the social follows of Deseret Digital from less than 100,000 to more than 40 million in 18 months. He created, which reached 22 million page views/mo. within 18 months. He launched a YouTube channel in four languages that received 1.7 million video views in first two months. He increased revenue by $5 million in 12 months for a Facebook app, which became a top 5 Facebook app with 90 million installs. He grew the social follows of Azul, a new Brazilian Airline, from 5,000 to 1.6 million in 12 months. Azul became the fastest-growing airline ever.

Nathan has received the Congressional "Angel in Adoption" award, the "Adoption Hall of Fame" award from Families Supporting Adoption, and the "Best of the Decade" award from the BYU Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.

Nathan has a Masters in Business Administration and has taught a college class titled "Social Innovation: How to Change the World."

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